Process for Applying for a Grant

Applications for a grant must be submitted by August 1st for grants to be awarded for the following fiscal year of the Foundation which is October 1st to September 30th.

Applicants to the Foundation should submit a letter (no more than two to three pages) requesting support, containing the following information:

  1. Brief organizational history, including mission and goals.
  2. Current projects and a brief description of recent accomplishments.
  3. Federal tax – exempt number. List of key staff leaders and their positions.
  4. Current organizational budget showing revenues and expenses for the organization’s most recent fiscal year.  (See here example budget to be completed and submitted with your application.)
  5. Description of the organization’s overhead for its last fiscal year. (See here example listing of Overhead Costs to be completed and submitted with your application.)
  6. A description of the litigation for which you are seeking support, including the case name (if ongoing), the opposing party or parties, the expected duration of the litigation, and its goals.
  7. The names of the attorneys who would be working on the litigation and their relevant experience.
  8. Acknowledgement that you agree that the Foundation can place a description of your project on the Foundation’s website.
  9. Agreement to submit semi-annual reports detailing the progress of the case for which the grant was made and agreement to discuss quarterly the case’s progress with the management of the Foundation. Each Grantee receiving funds from the Foundation is required to submit a short report -- no longer than one or two pages -- after the first six months from the date of the award of the grant but no later than April 1st of the year following the date of the award of the grant detailing the status of the case and the progress on the case that has occurred in the past six months. The report should give the name of the attorney(s) whom the Foundation can contact if the Foundation requires further information. The Grantee should attach to the report any significant decisions in the case. Finally, the report should state the progress anticipated in the case in the next six months. A second report should be submitted on the anniversary date of the award of the grant but no later than September 1st of the year following the date of the award of the grant. If a grant will be sought for the succeeding year then that report should be submitted by August 1. If that report is not submitted, a grant for the subsequent year will not be considered.
  10. The Grantee agrees that, in the event that the Grantee violates or fails to carry out any provision of this Agreement, the Grantor may demand, in addition to any other legal remedies it may have, the return of part or all of the unexpended grant funds, which the Grantee shall repay to the Grantor within 15 business days of receiving written notice from the Grantor.
  11. Consideration of grants will be rated and based upon (1) Alignment with the Foundation's Mission, (2) Quality of the Proposed Project, (3) Capacity of the Organization to Carry Out the Proposed Project, and (4) Urgency of the Proposed Project. The Foundation seeks to award grants for systemic type cases that will have an impact on a particular area of the law or a legal issue through the establishment of a legal precedent. The Foundation does not support cases where the relief sought is for an individual. Also, the Foundation does not support criminal cases where an individual is charged with a crime. Finally, the Foundation will not award a grant where an organization is seeking general support for its mission. The grant application has to be for a particular case. Using the above-stated four criteria the Foundation has established a rating system to evaluate grant applications. The rating criteria were developed by the Foundation's Board in conjunction with Daniel Lezotte, an industrial psychologist, Ph.D., who is Midwest Regional Director for APTMetrics, a company that develops tests for employers. The rating criteria can be found here.
  12. Agreement to return and to recoupment by the Foundation of the grant funds should the case for which the grant was given not proceed in a significant way and to inform the Foundation within 21 days of this occurrence unless the Foundation agrees after such notice to fund another case to replace the case for which the grant was given.
  13. Agreement to submit time daily records quarterly in a spreadsheet by January 15th (1st report), April 15th, July 15th, and October 15th for the previous quarter showing (1) the hours worked each day by tenths of an hour by each attorney who worked on the case for which the grant was received, (2) a description of each task performed by that attorney, (3) the date that the work by that attorney was performed, and (4) the hourly billing rate for that attorney. The spreadsheet should also show total hours and total time changes, as shown on the sample sheet that is referenced below. The time records would span the one-year period from the date of the grant award beginning on October 1st and ending on September 30th. A sample time sheet can be found here. This information would allow the Foundation to see how its grant funds were being utilized and attributed to the case for which the grant was awarded. All funds not spent on the case for which the grant was awarded up to the amount of the grant would be returned to the Foundation by October 31st following the end of the grant year cycle.
  14. Agreement to sign the Grant Agreement (found here) within 15 business days of receiving notice from the Foundation of the award of the grant and return to the Grantor by PDF and first class mail the signed Grant Agreement within that 15 day period. Further agreement to submit to the Foundation by PDF within that same 15 day period a description of your organization and a description of the case for which your organization received a grant.  (See the Foundation’s website for examples from prior grant recipients of their submissions.)
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